National Note Buyers A Division of Maxicash


We specialize in solving  problems.

We purchase Promissory Notes, Trust Deeds, First Mortgages, either performing or non-performing, annuities, structured settlements, and generally most cash flows.

Over the years we have compiled a list of buyers of notes, who are  ready to sell and close on your note when you are ready.  We have been doing this since 1995 .

Our background is that of a Real Estate Appraiser, Licensed Real Estate Broker Massachusetts, and Construction Supervisor MA.  Like everyone else we have had our many successes and our fair share of failures we are human.  We continue to maintain the flexibility of making fast decisions (providing we have all required documents,  we are the committee), staying on the leading edge of the mortgage business.

When you call you will not be dialing into a fancy office on the 100th floor of some distant building, you will be connected directly to the person responsible for providing you with all of the information you may want or need, we are very small and will remain so, by choice, in order to better serve our customers, and produce desired results.  As a result our customers receive all the advantages they deserve. We know how to implements successful funding.  We strive to make your investment a successful one.